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T. Bigglesworth Bellows now has his own page…
The “Top Ten Differences Between Marijuana and Tobacco” page (which is part of Random Opinions and Modest Proposals) was given
a WELL Page Views Award for the week of 19 July 2000. (Click the logo to find out who this week’s winner is.)
Here’s “The Mulla and the System”, a new original story
The SEDIT page has received its first web site award… and has a new address as well,
Still painfully applicable, my Modest Proposal re campaign finance reform.
And until we get reform, don’t despair, and don’t be apathetic — you can always Vote for Yourself.
here’s what’s up so far:

new and improved SEDIT pages (the Self-Directed Income Tax)
50 Ways to Defuse a World Crisis
the Seven Deadly Sins, according to Mahatma Gandhi
Random Opinions and Modest Proposals (various political and quasi-political writings, some of which might even seem humorous to some people)
The Screwdisk E-Mail, variations on a theme by CS Lewis
the Pocono Greens homepage
basic personal info
Serious Silliness (information about mime and storytelling performances and other creative stuff)
various Links Hither and Yon