Must have windows applications one should install

Computers have become part of our lives nowadays thanks to the introduction and spread of technology. The computer needs to have programs that will enable it run properly so that one can do all they want on the computer. When a computer is new, or one has just reinstalled windows on their computer, they need to install new window applications for their computer to be up and running smoothly. There are some basic applications that need to be installed first. At one can get to know more about these applications. Likewise, the following are must have windows applications one should install.

Internet browser


The browser is an important application. It will help you access the internet so that you can browse all that you want. One needs to get a browser that is speedy, convenient and easy to use. It should also allow many extensions. There are so many browsers that one can choose from. They have different speed and different capabilities. One can choose depending on their preferences and needs.

Office suite

One will be using the computer for different purposes. They will need an application that will help them work on documents and make several things. The office suite will give one the chance to work on word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and even worksheets. Even more, they may need to publish documents and do so many interesting things. One will need to get the office suite that will work best for them. This means that it should be user-friendly making it easy to work with.


Since you will be using your computer to access the internet, your computer may be prone to malware. Sometime also when transferring documents to one’s computer via external storage devices, they may transfer infected files to your computer. This is why one needs a security application. The antivirus applications will help in ensuring your computer is protected from virus attacks. It will also do regular scanning of all the files on the computer while also scanning any devices that may be plugged into your computer. Go for one which has more features to guarantee your computer security.

Media player

For entertainment purposes, one may need to listen to music, watch music videos and even watch their favorite movies. This will call for one installing a media player on their computer. The media player will help the user to entertain themselves as they use their computer. Install a media player that will play all versions of media files so that you will not need to install several media players to play different types of media files.

File compression and extraction

cfkjdjksjssjsjIn the course of working on your computer, you may be required to send some compressed files or even open archived files. One will need a program that will help them do these functions.

One may also need a PC cleaner to help in the management and cleaning of the computer. It will help get rid of the useless files that may just be filling up space on your computer. This will help the system lean and clean. This also goes a long way in making the computer perform well.…